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Oriental Medicine Theories: Damp Bi Syndrome and Acupuncture

admin March 9, 2017
Does the hot humid weather bother you (feel more tired, body feels weighed down/ achy, feel depressed/down, headaches)? Does the cold bother you? Do you feel bloated or tired after you eat? If the above symptoms apply to you, acupuncture can help! One of the most common diagnosis my patients come in with is arthritis …

Acupuncture Relieves Sinusitis without Side Effects

admin March 2, 2017
Among the most common diagnoses my patients come in with are arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions that seem to be aggravated by the weather. They suffer from all types of pain (neck, knee, back, etc.) and discomfort (migraine, IBS, etc.), especially before it rains or when it’s extremely cold. Some can even tell if it …

How Does Korean 4 Needle Technique Compare with Traditional Acupuncture?

admin December 29, 2016
There are several variations of acupuncture a patient can choose from, but do you know the difference? What are the benefits of each? A good starting point is to look at the difference between traditional acupuncture and the Korean 4 needle technique. While both provide awesome benefits, it’s a good idea to know how to differentiate …