At Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, we see many patients that seek gynecological treatment for several different disorders including premenstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome, menstrual cycle disorders, amenorrhea, uterine bleeding and fibroids, ovarian cysts and others.

Typical Western treatments for these disorders include drug regimens and surgical procedures. However, there are some cases where women suffer from allergic reactions when treated with drug regimens. In addition, some experience serious side effects from hormonal or other therapies and wish to use different types of treatments in order to avoid these side effects.

Acupuncture treatment in these cases can be very effective in providing relief from gynecological problems. In other cases where surgical treatment is inappropriate, acupuncture treatments provide the balance and harmony that the body needs in order to correct disorders and promote better health.

Please call or visit our office to discuss the ways that we can help you with treatment of a gynecological or endocrine disorder.

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