Eastern Wellness Acupuncture is conveniently located in southern Westchester  in a close proximity to Scarsdale, Eastchester, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, White Plains, New Rochelle, Harrison.

Michael Zielonka L.Ac, MSTOM
NY State Licensed Acupuncturist
with Masters of Science in
Traditional Oriental Medicine

Michael Zielonka L.Ac., MSTOM, is one of our experienced Acupuncturists here at Eastern Wellness in Scarsdale, NY. A native New Yorker, Michael has always felt a passion for helping others. It was a natural progression for him to attend the Pacific College of Oriental medicine in pursuit of his Master of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

While at Pacific College, Michael excelled through rigorous standards of education while studying various treatment modalities including: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tui Na massage amongst other holistic medicine-based modalities. In addition, Michael received thousands of hours of combined theory and clinical training on Western anatomy and physiology as well as thorough understanding of biomedical diseases and diagnostic techniques.

Since the beginning of his journey in the field of holistic medicine, Michael has participated in various outreach groups to provide holistic healthcare to indigenous populations around the world. These populations are often impoverished and have little or no access to healthcare. As a core member of these groups, Michael helps provide Acupuncture, herbal medicine as well as health education to these underserved populations.

Fueled by the desire to better understand the human body and the effect of Acupuncture, Michael has continued his studies to pursue advanced degrees in Neurofunctional Acupuncture for the treatment of muscle-skeletal pain and dysfunction.

Jana Fine L.Ac., MSTOM
NY State Licensed Acupuncturist
with Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine

Jana Fine L.Ac., MSTOM, was born in Czech Republic where she studied early childhood education and later ended up working in the financial field. When she came to the United States 10 years ago, she realized her desire to help people in what she felt was a more meaningful way.  When she discovered Chinese Medicine she decided that the philosophy and holistic approach to health are a perfect fit. She set on the long journey of becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner while raising her young children and taking care of her family. Jana had obtained her degree of Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. She studied acupuncture, herbal medicine and modalities such as cupping, moxibustion or guasha while also learning anatomy and physiology, pathological processes, diagnostics and treatment approaches to diseases recognized by Western Medicine.

Jana had provided hundreds of treatments to patient population at school clinic during her 2-year internship as well as 8 month long externship at Initiative for Women with Disabilities at NYU Langone Medical Center.  She has treated number of musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain from illness or injury, gynecological disorders such as menopause or PMS symptoms, infertility, headaches, insomnia, digestive conditions, incontinence as well as the common cold, cough, allergies or emotional and stress related conditions. During the extensive program at the college Jana also attended several extracurricular seminars concerning autoimmune disease, energetic work and qi gong practice.

In addition, she worked with her mentor who provided care to a significant pediatric population in his Manhattan office. Jana had the valuable opportunity to study short term in Beijing International TCM Training Center where she was able to attend various lectures as well as observe and discuss treatments with recognized professors from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute at the departments of Gynecology, Neurology and Pain Management at the Hospital of Acupuncture and Moxibustion CACMS in Beijing.
Jana strives to provide the best care and attention to her patients and is honored to be a part of their journey to better health and quality of life.

At Eastern Wellness Acupuncture, we use the traditional Chinese method to come up with an individual treatment plan and help the body return to a healthy state by moving the energy and blood that is stuck, nourishing whatever is weak and sedating whatever is overpowering.

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